Ocean Fantasy

Ocean Fantasy is a 5 reel game that will help you live a veritable aquatic experience and teach you how to win at slots. The game’s regular symbols depict uniquely drawn sea creatures, which can be anything from puffer fish and sea urchins to octopi and sharks. Players can activate up to 25 paylines, while the maximum bet per payline is $5. As a result, one may wager as much as $125 on a single spin. And while the risk may be considerable, the reward is well worth it.

The Diver is the game’s Scatter, and it can grant up to 15 free spins if hit 3 or more times anywhere on the reels. The Treasure Chest is the game’s Bonus, and it can deliver you to a very special round if hit 3 or more times on an active payline. There, you will have to select 3 treasure chests and see how much you’ve won. The amount of bonus points you can win can be as high as 5,400! If you want to play a truly special game and learn how to win at slots, try Ocean Fantasy today!